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How to get publicity with wedding mags

PR Clinic – How Do I Get Some Publicity With Wedding Magazines?

This week’s PR Clinic question comes from Terri, from Perfect Planning Virtual Assistance. She says: ”I have a question for your PR Clinic.  One of my clients said that what I do is unique (I am a Virtual Assistant who works with business owners in the wedding and event planning industry) and advised me to approach […]

what is pr - woman

What Is PR?

‘What is PR?’ It’s a question that I often get asked when I speak to small business owners. So here’s my explanation… PR is a funny old thing. Some people have heard of it but don’t know what it is, some know a little bit about it, while others only have the likes of Absolutely […]

how to create a media kit

How To Create A Media Kit

Want to know how to create a media kit? Read on… Now, when it comes to getting publicity for your business, you may have heard people talking about a media kit or press pack. But what exactly are they, and how do you get one? A media kit or press pack is basically a file […]